Sound Spotlight: Alternative Love Songs Playlist

I’m a huge lyric person. If the lyrics aren’t on point in a song, it’s really hard for me to enjoy it. Instead, I end up spending the duration of the song either correcting recorded grammatical errors or annoyed with the inevitable repetition of the chorus. However, alternative/emo/hardcore/post-hardcore/pop punk, etc. music has always resonated withRead more

What to Eat in Los Angeles: Vegan Sweets

Los Angeles is known for many things: city of stars, palm trees, sunny skies, and quite possibly my favorite thing: it’s a vegan paradise. Many desserts in common places aren’t typically vegan, which saves me from eating a primarily saccharine diet that would put Buddy the Elf to shame. Traveling to LA, I knew that I’dRead more

Vegan Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

These vegan waffle ice cream sandwiches are seriously easy, delicious, and won’t wreck your diet! When all is said and done, these are maybe about 150 calories (for two). Believe it or not, vegan frozen waffles are a real, beautiful thing. While waffles are amazing just on their own, I wanted to do something aRead more

Magical Gifts for the Unicorn Queen in Your Life

These unicorn gifts would be perfect for the unicorn queen in your life (even if that means you’re buying them for yourself)! Unicorns are one of the most magical figures ever. They evoke feelings of whimsy and fantasy. Unicorns take me back to the times my mom would write my name in my beautiful unicornRead more