3 Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

There’s a reason there are so many jokes about breaking resolutions every January: Resolutions are HARD!

Resolutions often trick us into thinking that we 
actually have to wait all year long for a clean slate.

The truth is this: you can create a clean slate whenever you feel like it by envisioning the changes you want to make, putting your visions into plans, and then putting your plans into actions. Easy enough, right?

As someone who has failed resolutions time and time again, I now realize that the problem has been with my mindset. In years past I have come into each “new slate” wanting to change myself due to my perceived deficits. Meaning that I only wanted to change due to my own negative thoughts about myself. I wanted to be better because I was constantly comparing myself and my success to others. We live in a time when this is easier than ever to do because the people we follow or see online show us all the best details from their lives. This year, I hope that my resolutions will come from a place of love for myself. I don’t want to feel like I have to keep up with someone else’s wardrobe, home decor, or makeup. I want my inner voice to speak out about things that I truly desire. I want to change myself with the mindset of: “I want to ____ because I deserve that”. This type of thinking is going to take a lot of work on my part. I am going to have to shut out my negative voice constantly (probably) until it eventually dissipates (hopefully).

I plan to create “resolutions” (dare I call them that… is there another word? Self projects? Project Self?) for these areas of my life: professional, personal work, and beauty/health.


1. Professional

I often stay at work way too late most days working on endless piles of things. I have to remember it will always be there tomorrow. This is not a lazy mindset, this is out of respect for myself and my personal time. If you don’t rest and take care of your “home self”, you won’t be able to fully function and support your workplace with everything you have the next day. This can lead to burnout and leaving jobs halfway done. Knowing when to call it a day is actually very beneficial for your professional life! One way to solve this problem of overworking is to set a daily alarm for yourself for the latest possible time you’d like to leave. What can you do to better balance your personal and professional life?

2. Personal Work

I have so many passions in life. Two of my biggest passions are beauty and writing. The sad thing is, I don’t always work on these two things because I’m busy working on things that aren’t as important OR I’m just straight up wasting time. When I look back on things I didn’t accomplish, I get so annoyed with myself because I can never remember what I was actually doing with all that time. This year I will be using a goal setting notebook (more on that in the future) to help me reach my goals. What are some goals you want to accomplish?

3. Beauty/Health

Mental and physical health are so important and are definitely linked. With that said, I need to seriously get it together in both of these departments. I allow myself to get too bogged down with work to the point of not being able to take care of myself in the way I need to. That’s so unfair to myself and the others who have to put up with me! This is something that happens to many of us. An idea for tracking this goal is to put up reminders around your house. These can be in the form of motivational quotes or pictures- whatever makes you happy! This will definitely help you stay on track.

Now go brainstorm and set your own goals to make this year the best year yet!

What are some of your resolutions this year? 

Let me know below!

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