5 Easy Ways to Be More Selfless

I created a video featuring 5 simple ideas on how to be more selfless this season (or any time). This is a topic I’ve been thinking a lot about especially since last month. It’s so easy to keep yourself in a bubble and ignore the privileges you have.

I sometimes think I’m too busy to make any kind of difference and often accept that my career is one that changes lives anyway, so I don’t always attempt to do anything extra. I often find myself tearing up at videos about animals (honestly, sad or happy- animals just elicit that kind of reaction from me), videos about diseases, videos about hunger, videos about homelessness, etc. There are so many large issues that living beings in our world face.

We’ve All Done This…

Lately I find myself feeling guilty for having nice things or even semi-nice things. Of course, I then started feeling bad for feeling bad, so I tried to find some kind of solution for that instead of just simply allowing myself to feel bad. Feeling bad about things is not very proactive, so I began to think about all of the things that I, or anyone really, could do to contribute to the world. This video was born out of that feeling. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you have any additional ideas or if you feel inspired to do any of these things!

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