What I Eat in a Day as a Vegan

What do vegans eat? When asked this question, I am usually at a loss for words because it comes so easily to me. I really don’t have to think too much about what I’m eating. It’s really that easy to be vegan. I decided to document my food for a day to give the meat eaters and dairy fiends of the world a glimpse into my days as a vegan.

Vegan Breakfast

I love breakfast dearly. There are so many great breakfast foods out there, especially for vegans! I often eat breakfast burritos or avocado toast for this meal. However, lately I’ve been loving these Orgain Plant-Based Protein Shakes. They are 220 calories and have 16 grams of protein.

Today I had half of a shake and half of a delicious Lenny and Larry’s Lemon Poppy Seed Complete Cookie, which are also vegan! Each cookie is packed with 16 grams of protein. Also, they taste amazing and have a very soft texture.

Vegan Lunch

Lunch is a meal I typically have little patience for. When I get busy, I tend to work through lunch. For me, it’s a pain to stop everything midday to cook. I usually prep my lunches for the whole week on Sundays to avoid being unprepared.

This is a super simple lunch featuring two of my favorite vegan products (I swear, you wouldn’t know): Boca Spicy Chik’n Patties and Just Dressing Caesar. I added some chili lime seasoning and some nutritional yeast (for added “cheesy” flavor and B12). This lunch is about 350 calories with about 15 grams of protein. It definitely makes eating vegan easy.

Vegan Snack Time

I absolutely love hummus and peppers together. It’s so fresh and fulfilling.This hummus is Kalamata Olive hummus from Trader Joe’s. It definitely pairs well with these peppers, but would also be really good with a Greek salad or pita bread.

Another snack I like to have often, but didn’t today (I just wanted to include it because it’s that good) are Peanut Toffee Buzz Clif Bars. They save me on many days. I usually begin to get a bit grumpy and tired in the afternoons, so these are perfect for that time. They contain caffeine and 10 grams of protein!

Vegan Dinner

This is not an every day kind of dinner, but it’s too delicious not to share. Amy’s makes this incredible No Cheese Roasted Vegetable Pizza. I swear you won’t miss the cheese. This is coming from a person who basically used to consider herself a cheese connoisseur. I honestly couldn’t be happier to eat pizza these days.

While this pizza is heavenly on its own, I love to top it with avocado slices and nutritional yeast. Avocado slices take the place of cheese in many recipes for me, plus they are a healthier alternative. Half an avocado will add about 160 calories (totally worth it). The nutritional yeast adds 20 calories and 3 grams of protein per tablespoon. This is pizza perfection.

Want to see more vegan food ideas?
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