Saturday Sounds: Happy Alternative Playlist

Three things I never tired of: Saturdays, alternative music, and being happy.

Recently I wrote a post about 5 ways to be happier. One of my suggestions was to make an awesome playlist that hypes you up and makes you excited to be alive. You can listen to this playlist on Spotify or keep scrolling to find it below! Most of my own playlists are packed with alternative music because that’s what makes me happiest to listen to.

About a Girl

Growing up, my mom listened to everything from Nirvana and Guns and Roses to Alan Jackson. While you won’t find any of those on this playlist, I appreciate that I was exposed to many different types of music so I could develop my own interests. As an emerging pre-teen I lived for 90’s pop and rock with a strong inclination towards any Aaron Carter song (no shame). Middle school brought on its own challenges, which I’m sure you can probably relate to, but luckily I discovered Brand New and never let go. I was also fortunate enough to attend my first Warped Tour in 2004. This really changed everything for me. I felt things for music that I probably never had before. It’s an amazing feeling to listen to a song and just feel overwhelmed with gratitude for its existence. Sometimes I wonder what might have happened to my interests if I had never discovered some of my favorite bands. Would I be someone who listens to music for the sake of avoiding silence? Or worse, someone who sees no value in it?

Emo for Life

Often I hear people talk about their “emo” phases and how they used to listen to certain types of music but don’t anymore. It leaves me wondering why. I am still easily moved by the genre.That’s something that will never change for me, no matter how old I am or what I look like. While I am not a musician, music is still an important part of my life. Often my music is on shuffle, so I have a lot of random songs popping up. I love the element of surprise, which is why I love playlists so much. I hope you enjoy this one! I’m happy I could share it with you! Let me know if you’d like to see more!

What songs would you

put on your happy playlist?



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