Magical Gifts for the Unicorn Queen in Your Life

These unicorn gifts would be perfect for the unicorn queen in your life (even if that means you’re buying them for yourself)! Unicorns are one of the most magical figures ever. They evoke feelings of whimsy and fantasy. Unicorns take me back to the times my mom would write my name in my beautiful unicorn folders for school. I also remember having a beautiful tapestry in my room. If it had a unicorn on it, around it, or even looked like it came from the clouds, I had to have it. It’s nice to see that glitter and pastel colors still have a place in our world. For me, seeing these items gives me positive vibes and reminders to check in with my inner child.

Here is a gorgeous collection of some of my favorite unicorn items on the internet. May you surround yourself with whimsy. Sparkle on, beautiful.

1. Unicorn Night Light

Unicorn Night Light
Pina Colada Crafts $22.75

This small night light looks beautiful twinkling in both dark and light spaces. It’s also simple and affordable.

2. The Sparkle is Real Pin

The Sparkle is Real Unicorn Pin
Nordstrom $14

The only thing that would make this pin better is if the phrase was somehow attached to the unicorn (or even an actual pin itself). This would be really adorable pinned to a denim or faux leather jacket. It’s a simpler way to declare unicorn status.

3. Wall Art

Be a Unicorn Wall Art
Inki Design Au $11.61

This gorgeous gold foiled sign would be really nice around a vanity or an office desk. It’s a nice reminder to step outside of your box and live your life in a way that is meaningful. I’m also a big fan of buying things from etsy to support creative types!

4. Kate Spade Unicorn Balloon Key Chain

Unicorn Balloon Keychain
Kate Spade $34

As if unicorns were not already whimsical, Kate Spade took it to the next level by making them into a balloon animal. KS items always has some of my favorite items, from bags to desk accessories. Though I don’t often splurge on them, I found this sweet little key chain on sale for $34. Sadly, that probably means it will be gone soon, so get it while you can!

5. Unicorn Compact Scissors

Handy Dandy Gifts $10.95

I can’t think of a more whimsical way to destroy things than by cutting them with these gold plated unicorn scissors! I love how these blades are designed to make the horn of the unicorn. They’re also really reasonably priced!

6. Unicorn Nail Polish

Unicorn Shaped Glitter!
Urban Outfitters $6

When I first saw this, I thought, “Eh okay, so it’s sparkly…” However, that was before I noticed that the actual glitter chunks are UNICORN SHAPED. This would make an awesome accent nail, but you could really go ahead and just put it on all ten nails. It’s really that adorable.

7. Unicorn Beanie

Wish $3

I cannot express my love for this beanie, but I will try. First, let’s talk about that font. It’s simultaneously fun and edgy. Also, the ‘I’ is a unicorn horn. It doesn’t get much more clever than that. I quickly ordered this awesome beanie for a total of $5 (including shipping), and I can’t wait until it arrives! There’s a strong possibility that I might only take it off to shower.

8. Unicorn Tears Lipstick

Too Faced $22

You won’t be crying any tears while wearing this lipstick. It’s an amazing iridescent shade with a creamy texture. I am in love with all of the lipsticks from Too Faced. The packaging is incredible and the formula smells so sweet. This shade would be amazing over a pink lip or even on its own!

9. Unicorn Tears Shoulder Bag

Wish $19

When I first saw this shoulder bag, I thought it was an actual cup! I still think that would be amazing, however, this little bag is so eye catching and vibrant. It would be perfect for a festival or day out. Also, the price tag makes it an affordable option!

10. Unicorn Faux Taxidermy

Amazon $103

I cannot get enough of this gorgeous decor. Can I put one in every room? Too much? Though the price is a little steep, I think this piece would be beautiful to put above or around a makeup vanity.

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22 thoughts on “Magical Gifts for the Unicorn Queen in Your Life

  1. I love this post. I’m all about unicorns and their fantasy fabulosity. I especially like the nail polish because I adore anything that sparkles and that lippie is a must-have too simply because I love too-faced 😉 Great gift ideas…for meeee

    1. I am SO glad you liked this post! I was seriously giddy at the sight of all of these things and thinking, “wait… but III want these!” Sparkles are always a great thing! Thanks so much for the love!

  2. I’m not a unicorn person myself, but I know a lot of people who would lvoe this! I think I need to buy a few gifts!

  3. I love these!! I love the balloon animal one and the gold foil print. I did a unicorn peep for Easter 😂🦄❤

    1. Yes, Gabby! 😀 It’s so hard to keep my wallet in check with all this cute stuff! Thank you for reading! <3

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