5 Things I Wish My Mother Knew

Mother’s Day is a beautiful tradition. I love the memories of making crafts for my mom in elementary school, and still remember some of those projects today. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized more about my mom, things that I might not have realized as a child. Moms have a seriously hard job. They deserve to be appreciated. There are many things I think about my mom, but am not sure if I always express them. Moms know a lot, but these are 5 things I wish my own mother knew about herself.

1. You Can Be Alone Sometimes

You spend so much of your day dedicated to the needs of others. What will the family eat? What will they wear? Are their clothes clean? It’s okay to let other people do things for themselves. You deserve to have time alone to do whatever you want with. I know there are things you love to do, but feel like you don’t have time to do them. Take these words as your permission slip and go have fun (even if fun is playing candy crush and watching tv)!

2. I am Proud of You


I know the struggles you have faced in your lifetime. Life is not always easy, but you have fought really hard for the things you have, and for the life you have made. You have changed and grown as a person in my lifetime. I am proud of your accomplishments.

3. You are Talented

There are about 100 things I could probably list off right now that make you unique. You could truly do anything you wanted in life. You are both book smart and full of common sense. I admire your way with words (evident when you gave my bus driver a piece of mind about forcing me to walk through “dew laden” grass to catch the bus). You also somehow possess the ability to make friends with just about anyone, especially if they are over the age of 60.

4. I am Grateful for the Weirdness You Passed Down (most of it)

I appreciate my sense of humor and somewhat rebellious attitude towards convention because of you. I hope that you can see good qualities in your children and think of them as reminders of the positive you’ve brought into the world.

5. I am Lucky to Call You My Mom and Friend



I love our memories together, such as our time on the hiking trail and trips to the mall as a teenager. You were there for me through my worst and best times, and I know that you will listen to me rant or complain when I need it. You are the person who brought me to life, and have seen me in all stages. As I grow older, I know I will continue to need your advice just as much as I did when I was younger. I appreciate your wisdom.

Thank you for being my mom! I am grateful for you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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