5 Ways to Be Happier Right Now

Just be happy. Cheer up. Get over it. I’ll be honest, these are things I am not fond of hearing. I always find myself thinking but how? Being a human means that we are sometimes subject to feeling down or depressed. There are so many reasons why this occurs. Maybe you’ve had a sudden life change or you just haven’t hit your stride yet. No matter the cause of your slump, there are some things you can do to help alleviate those feelings. Here are some awesome activities that I personally use to break out of negativity.

Make a Playlist

In the days of technology, we no longer have to pop a tape into an over sized stereo and wait for our favorite songs to be played. You probably have everything you need to do this right now. In fact, you’re probably holding the required device in your hands as you read this!

Start by imaging some songs that make you feel happy. Do not give into your bad mood. If you do, you could end up listening to slow emo songs that will probably make you feel even worse than you did beforehand. A song that always makes me happy is You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates (seriously, how could it not?). Try to gather at least 10 songs. You can even give your playlist a funny, creative name related to an inside joke. Anything goes when cheering yourself up is the goal (okay, almost anything).

If you have trouble thinking of songs, try using 8 Tracks for user curated playlists tailored to fit specific moods and activities.

Get Out

Take a walk, hike, jog, whatever! You can even drive, though physical activity is shown to be a huge mood booster. No matter what you decide, just go where you want, as far as you want, and spend as much time as you need. If you made a happy playlist, then take that with you too.

Getting out of the house is usually the makeover my attitude needs. When you spend time inside the same walls for a while, you start to get bored and fall into a pattern of negative thinking. I believe that we tend to feel boxed in by our man made structures if we stay in them for too long. There’s a whole world of possibility out there. Getting out of your bubble can really give you a new perspective or even inspire you to do something different. I can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve gotten while walking or driving. Go now.

Treat Yourself

This one is a personal favorite, albeit slightly dangerous if I’ve just purchased a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy Peanut Butter and Cookies. However, treating yourself does not have to be food related, although it can be if that’s what you need. That’s really up to you. I believe in everything in moderation, or in excess occasionally, because we all need that cheat day sometimes. Another one of my personal go to treats is coffee. It’s honestly like a hug in a cup for me. Not a coffee drinker? Find your hug in a cup.

You can also check your finances to see if you are able to spend a little money on an item you’ve been eyeing for a while. If not, don’t let that discourage you, there’s always the aforementioned edible treats.

Another idea is to make a list of activities you love doing. Whenever you are not feeling at your peak, pick something to do off of your list. Some items on my own list are writing and yoga. I highly recommend Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. She has SO many videos and makes yoga really accessible if it’s not something you’ve done a lot of.

Create Something

Now is the time to put all of those Pinterest boards to good use! Surely you have something saved that you’ve been wanting to make. I love this category because it is so open and free. Here’s a few creation ideas to get you inspired:

  • Craft something to make your home more aesthetically pleasing- There’s a reason why Sims are happier when they have a nice setup in the game.
  • Cook a nice dinner- Yes, you may have to go to the store for the ingredients, but this will help you get out too! Hawaiian chickpea burgers anyone?
  • Bake something delicious- I have a soft spot in my heart for chocolate, but I’ve been wanting to try these vegan doughnuts from The Big Man’s World for so long!
  • Journal- I am an avid word nerd. Writing instantly makes me feel accomplished, and it helps me clear my head by getting my thoughts out. If you’ve never tried this, I strongly recommend it!

Find an Animal Companion

I consider myself a very lucky cat mom. Giddy (which literally means happy, by the way) is a smart, intuitive animal full of snuggles and love. If I have a particularly rough day, it helps to have her by my side.

If you are not currently owned by a pet, then go find one to love right now! Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog or call a friend (social interaction points if you do this). While you may not able able to take him/her home with you, it will still be beneficial. I can’t say I’ve ever regretted an interaction with an adorable puppy (just keep your shoes out of sight).

If none of these things are an option for you, then YouTube is brimming with quite a few animal tales to warm your soul. I personally tear up at videos of brown bears. Find your brown bear.

What do you do when you’re feeling down?

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11 thoughts on “5 Ways to Be Happier Right Now

  1. Oooh, that icecream is making me hungry! And your cat is absolutely gorgeous! And I agree, you just have to treat yourself (treat yo’self!) when you’re down.

  2. Love this! I like to do two things I love to be outside and just sit there feeling the cleansing energy of nature and then on the opposite side I love to crank up the music and dance like a crazy person. I know this may sound funny but recently I bought a gorgeous pair of heels and it has kind of made me branch out with my outfits and get a little more comfortable with myself. It’s amazing what one little change can do. I think you have it right. Change makes us happy. It’s a sift and as Oprah says “sift happens”. BTW these pictures are life! ♡

    1. You are so wonderful! I love that too. I love he feeling balance I feel in nature. Also, I’m sure your heels are perfect! One small things really can make a difference! Thank you so much, Amanda! Lucky to have you 💜

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