How to Organize Your Goals in 3 Easy Steps

Organize your goals! This can really help you stay on the track to reaching them. Recently a friend told me that she could see how much I wanted out of life, but couldn’t see what was stopping me from reaching it. We get stuck in our own minds so much, which often leads to toxic thinking about our abilities. We don’t see ourselves the way that other people see us, unfortunately.


Once I started thinking about this, I decided to create a goal notebook. This kind of thing does exist already. However, I couldn’t find one to fit my own sparkly, bright needs, so I made my own! I bought a cute sturdy notebook, some fun pens, and the best adult stickers from bando.

Organize Your Goals

I divided my notebook into three separate sections: create, work, and life. These sections suited me the best because they are my most common areas of need. You can definitely pick any area you want! The titles for each section are made using the adorable stickers from the bando sticker book. There are so many awesome sticker pages in the book, which make it even easier to customize your notebook.


Work Work Work


Section Setup

I decided to start each section with the date, the goal, and some action items. Each goal starts with a gold star because that helps me see where a new goal begins (also, who doesn’t love gold stars?). The action items for each goal are things that are small steps, not anything crazy or unattainable. For example, in the Create section, my first goal was to revamp my blog. My action item was to create a schedule for myself to keep up with posts. I also created a due date for myself, because, let’s be honest, I thrive under pressure. After I complete the tasks, I put a check beside them. If I was super on task and overachieved, I give myself a heart (it doesn’t matter how old you are, stickers are always exciting).

Once you’ve completed your goal, set another one for yourself! It’s always good to keep growing!

What are some goals you would like to organize?



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  1. This is so helpful. I would have thought to organize everything this way. I kind of just write everything down randomly and never put it in one spot. Now that I have a new business this is very necessary! Love this! Love you♡

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